Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

60th DIY CHURCH Valentinos Beat Case

60th years of Valentino´s Beat Case - DIY CHURCH live from Weimar´s Shalom Salon with Rap Ohne Lizenz 14.02.2011

Friends and lovers of poetism and joy

Beloved friends of D.I.Y Churchism, the weekly
radio doing a valve´n´tino sepcial.
We will have a extraordinary date with
Shalom Salon, live from Weimar.
Weimar is a famous serious place for
classic german brains and wurst, but in fact
it´s just a place for cool young people who
behave like an old poet.
Therefor a group of preposterous skilled
vision masters, called "Rap Ohne Lizenz",
are grabing the mic back.
They are lovely homebodys  of error
triggered grooves in consolidation with
high-level freestyle raps, they using
the mighty power of modern time networking
to pick up the finest tunes of HipHop and
electronic cadences from the world wide web.

The table of the gathering

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