Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

last winter days

It's time for a new log.
Last monday there was Benjamin Altermatt at the DIYChurch with the Adolfo caleuche Video. A presentation of his tape collection, wich is somehow a sort of diary about friends, journeys and self-recorded/ manipulated footage. Along his tapes he tells little stories. He will be part of the Neolithikum Berlin exhibitions and this is somehow his audio contribution to the Neolithikum.   

....the exhibition at TÄT. All went pretty well. Though I was 2 hs too late for the opening by accident mh sorry for that. I promise I will never be late again. ;) it was very warm at the openings (70˚C) and I also really liked the performances.

here are some pictures and also some recordings of the performances, thanks to Nikolas, Harmony, Jonas, Thomas, Benjamin, Timo, TÄT, the Jan s, Ruben, Staalplaat, Anja, Iris, Andrew, Berglind, Ludwig, Christoph, Andreas and the neighbours.
Ah we also did a radioshow from TÄT with Kakawaka.
Who made the second air bang event (Luftknallereignis)

062DIYChurch_ Kakawakas unglaubliches Luftknallereignis


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