Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

privacy and open call

Its  again a more art post mh ? I´ m starting to wonder how much the blog cares about the radio show. maybe not at all :) 


I´m going to make an exhibition at TÄT in the end of February.
The opening is supposed to be at the 26th of February at 7 pm. The show is called Chrome Wave Arena.

TÄT asked me to write a text about my show and some pictures.
I had no idea what to do and I have nothing to say. So I asked them to give me access to their webpage.  They let me!!! hi hihihi
And I decided to change as often as possible all the content of the page which announces that exhibition. Dairy style ... mash up ... plunderphonics

So if you are sitting in front of your computer, just clicking in the off & not knowing where to go next - you should click here (I´ m not sure how long that fun will last, I guess soon there will be more upcoming events at TÄT and than you have to search on their page for that particular exhibition bla bla bla ) and just enjoy the magic of pictures and found stuff.

or and that´s an open call
You are welcome to contribute. If you wanna do an one-day exhibition at the TÄT page just send me your pictures, audiofiles, videos, whatever, your name, important informations and a TXT, 
cause people like reading txts and if I like it - I put it there for one day. 
And as reward or in return I will write you a critic about your contribution.

I guess it is useful to come up with a sort of deadline. The exhibition ends on the 4th of March, so lets say you can send stuff till the 3rd of March
that should be fine.  

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