Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011

DIYChurch likes ....

- people who have a shower
- people who answer mails within a short period of time
- people who own flats with more than one room
- people who use less than 2 bottles of oil for cooking a nice meal 
- monster slush
- listing

@ Room111
every monday
from 7-9 pm (CEST)

017DIYChurch_O Tannenbaums Überraschungsei *
019DIYChurch__jokey_Jokers_room#prt2 *
046DIYChurch was skipt cause there will be two times show # 88
DIYChurch Realityshow*

*= Due to copyright laws or as part of the concept some shows were only uploaded to the temporary Rss-feed archive or were even just once live broadcasted.

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