Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

news about the news

O.K.----got some news. all that stuff is sitting around for month now.And laziness through doing to much things at the same time. Made me just letting it sit a little longer. so here are some pictures and links of things that happened since march.
lets start with that:

DIYChurchSHow # 68 ....Love is a battlefield 

Iris Dankemeyer (journalist) & Oliver Schott ( author of "Lob der offenen Beziehung", Bertz-Fischer- Verlag, 2010)
the whole show is in German, two hours talking about sexual politics, relationships, love, rationality & luck, polyamory. 
Thanks to both of them I enjoyed it a lot and also thanks to DJ Aberglaube who brought some nice tunes to play in-between.



next day I had to leave for visiting Amsterdam, Tour with der Warst & Kristy Foom. Warst wrote a tour report so you can get more infos about the tour somewhere in his blog.



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