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Neolithikum Berlin#002 ONE HOT MINUTE / Fritz Bornstück

hello dear visitor of the blog.

Something is going to happen on Sunday the 10th of July.
Neolithikum Berlin is opening for the second time its door.

Fritz Bornstück


 Opening 10.7.2011 from 4 pm - 8 pm

notes on occasion:

One hot minute, please.
One hot minute is a selection of Bornstück's Octopussy's Kloausstellungen ( loo-exhibitions?!?)
He started this series in Berlin a little while ago at the Neue Nationalgalerie with the idea of squatting public toilets to set up a guerrilla exhibition in there. The bathroom, a place where you are on your own, a place of peace and the sound of water. Also a place where needs equals arts while heating to the lavatory and actually being concerned about something else.

Fritz Bornstück continued the series in various cities all over Europe and the States.

The rest rooms he choose are often in big museums or significant buildings cause that might score most on the CV and in the documentation. The whole affair is a little bit slippery and he probably catches you in a moment where the painting/fine art doesn't really matter at all and he might even feel like the greatest toilette conquerer of all times. 
After 14 Octopussys its time to draw conclusion. 
And so he will hobnob with the loo of Neolithikum Berlin.
I guess for the first time it is legal and no one will call the police and confiscate the drawings.
So it will be very much the retrospection of an empire.  Cause even if the idea of Kloausstellungen is a slippery one, the approach is coming from a gentleman-slash-dandy.
Therefore I will keep the hallway empty and someone might serve delicious Manhattens for the sake of a Gentleman and his beautiful toilette Art empire. who knows. 

sincerely your

Neolithikum Berlin

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