Montag, 18. Juli 2016

some posters & some events

 in  HD  


Palmovka, Budapest

Palmovka is an organiser of the fancy BabaVanga label and performs constructive ambient in a looped manner, somewhere between the city and the forest near the lake. 

Tropikal Camel , (Arabstazy) Jerusalem HD

Tropikal Camel can also be secretly called rocky b and balances his sound between tropical tribal patterns & the nonchalant charm of a soundcheck - leaving it to the listener to hear if it's music concrete or some new kind of space pop. 

Ghost Kwini, Berlin

a little ghost jumping and falling around in future bass music,  juke-elements and the moment where you stand outside the club at your favourite ragga muffin show - might just be a mobile phone recording or one's vague dream glued together by pop vocals and sci-fi synths. 

 + dj puddle on the desk

dj puddle is wilted woman's dj avatar and drops from one pop puddle into another while changing the speed and there is a rumor about her being maybe the best dj in the world but that's something one can only find out alone. 

 in 3d 

poster by johann kauth 


Fyoelk (be/de)

antwerpen synth zauberer, mpc meister, grafiker, total funky.... 
1/2 laser poodle, musik auf rush hour 'no label' und stenze quo.

Wilted Woman (de/us)

schildkröte fan, blips booms und boings.
 bald gibts schallplatten auf she rocks! und primitive languages.

Blue Stork (de/de)

hyper pokemaster footwork abstraction. macht party ganz tief im computer.
 agagoo algorhythmus !

I.Ruuu? (de/us)

total verliebt in error messages. supercollider mit stimme, fische, kaputte printplatte.. 
im moment auch dj rezidentin auf einem party boot und eine celebrity in prag.


333 Boyz (de/la)
vielleicht die besten djs der welt??? keine ahnnung. du musst selbst kommen & gucken.

start: 9 pm / 21 uhr

Skalitzerstr. 133 / 3.OG

official sponsor : vitamin sea yacht club 

 without PhD 

Rumpeln (München)

Daniel Door (München)

Urthsla (Berlin)

Teplödröme (Berlin)

Java Delle (Hamburg)

+ Dj Mixer 
  9 pm   
 location:WestGermany Skalitzerstr. 133 / 3.OG