Samstag, 3. Oktober 2015

the community and its radio

Dear Reader of the blog,

there have been some more changes lately. How or where to start - first of all thanks a lot Diana McCartyPit Schultz from Reboot.Fm who were so friendly to offer DIYChurch a new space to continue making internet radio and documenting our adventures in stereo.

we will be audible here now.

Reboot.Fm is a sort of berlin based artist and community radio. Mh ya wait - there are now many community radios - I know and I slowly seriously wonder if there is actually so much community left to reach out to - cause they are all making community radio now and no one can listen anymore. Also the word "community" mh sounds nice but I m still not sure if the word maybe only became so popular now because the internet is so huge and world wide and the individual so small and individual - sounds like this needs community  - sounds at least like it.

-think global act local or was it the other way around-

In detail or whenever I look closer at community radio concepts -it turns out that basically a lot of this "new self organised" "noncommercial" radio stations are becoming more and more a extension tool for event, music or even worse self-promotion with the nonchalance of a DIY-product and looking a bit longer I get the impression they miss an important point of the potential they could have - for example:

I still don t understand why internet radio needs to follow up a structure of entertainment design and the industry around it - that has to broadcast and infinitely nonstop entertain one 24/7 like the "TV".

- does no one sleep in your community ?

Or another thing - there is this old lady with her two sons living in my house and often at night I meet a sweet old man in a very elegant jacked on the street and he tells me a lot of funny stories - where are their shows in the infinite stream of the community radio archive ?

The "C"-word seems to describe more the target group and honeypots the consumer/user with the virtual charm of togetherness - cause once looking at people producing and organising the new community radio- I can t stop thinking that their conception of community is more something outsourced and feels like a club of privileged elitists and insiders thinking their neo-liberal (sometimes also called normcore by them to make a joke) attitude has something to do with radio or the community they are surrounded by.

But its different with Reboot.FM and its also not : )(classic) - it got founded in 2010 and is more or less the successor of various groups in Berlin producing free cultural radio already since the early 2000 most of the time more or less the same people being involved - just changing names and characters and social profile.( this is an interesting story but maybe its another post or a concept for a community radio show: )

It has an FM frequency on 88.4 and is audible in Berlin on saturdays and sundays from 7pm - midnight.

The interesting thing or what I like about it is that there was not really anymore any free cultural, self organised and noncommercial radio in berlin with its own fm frequency. The people around reboot and also a lot of other little pirate radio stations and free self organised radio stations in Berlin managed to establish this again and even make it a name for free & self-organised noncommercial radio in the community here & world wide.

And I bet talking about community radio so much the little lady upstairs and the man in the street they probably have a real radio at home and tune in every once and than.

Next step is to ask them if they would be up for making a radioshow. But I forgot to ask them for their facebook contacts. : (
next week.