Samstag, 7. Februar 2015

a new / more list (informal)

Heii, dear reader:: 

I got asked to make a top_11/ best of list of radioshows we broadcasted over the past 5 years.
mh that's a really hard task - impossible - no idea ... but I like lists! ; )
So it is attractive to do something like this just mh think its not like my top eleven favorite best of .... i'm posting - not into rating/ comparing such stuff (also it is a broadcasting sculpture so each show is more like a layer or continues a .... )

mh anyway here is my list of shows selected because
for some reason a show got stuck in my head or still surprised that people actually listening to stuff like this or it was just fun to do or not at all or some where even personal private important. (ah also some shows which should be in the list are not because they are already mentioned in posts before)

(press title to download☟ )

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