Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

happy 2012

hey blog, this year I will be better with you I promise.
Indianer ehrenwort.
So I will let you know one thing, I thought  about your structure a little bit more and your function.
mh I guess good intention, should just do it so take that:

Shows I liked a lot in January

#107 with Ignaz Schick

also if you like the official first part you
should check the second part, which we streamt a few hours later.

#109 with Inox Kapell

and now take that, 

its written here, here & here.
        MONDAY the13th of February 2012

Ambient Facets

together with: Tim Drage/Cementimental ( Animator, Noisician, Surrealist ), Der Warst (Mindbender), Dan Hayhurst ( Sculptor, Father, Audible)Jonny Mugwump (radio, word, motion and live sound by an
exotic pylon

Live from:

                                458 hackney road,
                                London E2 9EG

The Idea: 3 musicians & 1 Dj are invited 
& asked to perform their Idea of ambient music,
first each one on his own. 
And than in duo combinations 
so that everyone starts once
& after that in trio combinations 
and after that in a quartet combination.

Listen Live here


even better come and see the show live here.

From 6-8pm (GMT)

unobtrusive quality

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