Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

random selection of documents & fragments from 2010

037 CANOU 

the 2 nd show with Michael Northam, Marcel Türkowsky & Francesco Cavaliere in addition Chris Kline, Benjamin Altermatt ...
balancing between time you can hear and films you can't see, very nice very nice


041 Harmony of Idleness

I met him a few times in the streets or at some cool bar, some friends recommended him to me as a star of POP and well he is always dressed nice , he seems to be the poet of the catastrophe while he is making love to 2 girls at the same time with his third eye. And I'm sure he already gave his heart away when you and I weren't even born. More over he is one of those guys who love Olivia Newton John and till now he didn't come to pick up the bike, he wanted to steal from me. Monday, the 4th of October from 7 to 9 pm (CEST/ CET+1) was a Monday with Harmony Molina , his friend DJ Multitasking, their band Temporary Items and artistic strategies of Idleness.

special mix by DJ Multitasking : Do your own church  

 036 *Magnetic Ghosts by Preslav Literary School.

A live collage of lost, borrowed and found tape music exploring the allure, spectres of the compact cassette & an interview with Adam Thomas, the director of the Preslav Literary School.











017 O´Tannenbaum Überraschungsei 


the secret show. never uploaded to any archive. I should make a one minute shrink of that 2 hours finest rack n´rwall. mh will think about it. 

hardcore BBQ ing in a dutch school style










for now the pictures are  what is left from it.


024 DJ Insultor


 a real 100% Bullshit underground Dj. If you manage to listen to his set you are an advanced listener within 2 hs and you you ( 2 times) will have a basic knowledge about oldschool shitcore

get it here

The old (again) backround, an early video & the team in 2010


1st sticker

Dj ShluchT, Dr. Oswald van de Loo & Jokey Joker

050 Knecht Ruprecht                                              
by that point I realized, there are some shows which are good, I mean in terms of quality ( content, information, selection bla bla bla ) and there are shows , mh they produce good pictures and they are funny experiences (I can even imagine those are the shows which will become legendary... later on ), but maybe the quality is much more the actual act or moment of creating and broadcasting them.

here are the pictures to one of those shows: 

opening grandma s packet 
eating cheese like a punk

burning a cake

asking questions 


P.S. the forgotten shows 

 there were a lot of shows I didn´ t really mention right now, doesn´t mean that those weren´ t good, I guess.
As I realized that there are shows which are more about the creation of it. I also had to remember that there are shows which are really good in return, but while doing those, it felt like shit, boring or really unnecessary and later it started to make sense. Time is a crazy hoe & one can find nearly every show in the archive or if you are to lazy to go through it. There is that Feed ( somehow a more recent archive). Thanks to everyone who took part in the experiment of broad & brain casting and for supporting the church.       




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